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Project Description
TUsvnAddIn is a free Tortoise SVN addon for visual studio.
TUsvnAddIn allows developers to use some of the Tortoise SVN features over Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010.

This Tortoise SVN addin is my little contribution to the development community.
Users may also use the code as reference as they please. Greetings from Israel!!!

Project homepage:
To get more information about this project and my self, click here.

- Consumes very low resources
- Support commit, Diff, Update, Log, Repo Browser, add
- Support Check for modification, Revision Graph and revert
- Right clicking on code brings up menu
- Right clicking on Project or solution from Solution Explorer brings up menu
- Different menu for versioned and none versioned file
- Supports Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010
- Supports Win XP/7

My little contribute to the development community.
I’d appreciate if you send me suggestions to improve the add-in (adding new features, bug fixes, etc’…).

Mouse context menu for none versioned file clicking the code window.

Mouse context menu for versioned file clicking the code window.

Mouse context menu for versioned file clicking the solution\project in the solution explorer.

Enjoy :)

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